Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Rev. Jerry Falwell

Conservatives, and particularly pro-life conservatives, owe a debt of gratitude to Rev. Jerry Falwell. Phyllis Schlafly, national chairman of RNC/Life and president of Eagle Forum released the following statement upon hearing of his death:

“Jerry Falwell was the leader who brought the social conservatives into the political process. He taught Christians that their values, their families, and our nation are under attack; therefore, Christians have the duty to participate in the governmental process so we can preserve the great heritage with which America has been blessed. When Jerry Falwell inspired 10,000 people to join me in a rally on the steps of the Illinois State Capitol in Springfield in 1978, he helped show the strength and vitality of the pro-family movement, which was a major factor in our successful ten-year battle to defeat the ERA. Without Jerry Falwell, we might not have built a conservative movement that could have elected Ronald Reagan.”

May he rest in peace.