Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Contact the McCain campaign!

To Friends and Supporters of RNC/Life:

Informed sources tell us that top-level officials in the McCain campaign have been calling certain state Party chairmen to find out what they think the reaction of Republican voters would be in the event that John McCain chooses a pro-abortion-choice running mate.

Why would they do that, unless McCain is seriously considering someone like Pennsylvania’s Tom Ridge, or even a liberal Democrat like Joe Lieberman?

John McCain will be 71-years of age if he is elected President. He has had four bouts with malignant melanoma. His continued good health is to be hoped for, but should not be taken for granted. The nominee for Vice President is of the utmost importance.

At Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church last Saturday, Senator McCain declared: “I will be a pro-life President and this presidency wil have pro-life policies. That’s my commitment.” Because he has made that commitment, the expectation on the part of many pro-life and pro-family conservatives that John McCain, if elected President, would nominate pro-life judges to the federal courts and the Supreme Court, would be totally dashed if he chooses a running mate who is not pro-life.

Please contact the McCain campaign to let them know your views on this matter.

It is our position that a VP nominee who is not pro-life is unacceptable. It would be a slap in the face to the base of the Party and would most likely cost McCain and the Republican Party, the election.

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