Monday, February 2, 2009

Republican National Coalition for Life Alert, 2-02-09

Parents who generate children through in vitro fertilization and decide to allow their "leftover" babies, who are currently frozen in liquid nitrogen tanks, to be killed through the process of extracting their stem cells, may do so at will, if Obama removes the Bush restrictions.

The American taxpayer's role in expanding anti-life public policies grows more each day under the Obama admnistration.

Will we see the churches rise up against this?

Will Governor Rick Perry, who says he is the "most pro-life" Governor in Texas history, go along with increasing Texas' share of spending for embryonic stem cell research (ESCR)?

We do know that Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, who will challenge Rick Perry in the 2010 Republican Primary, is a big supporter of and advocate for ESCR.

What will this mean in YOUR state?

Obama prepares to lift limits on stem cell research