Friday, July 24, 2009

House considered the Pence amendment to defund Planned Parenthood

To: Friends of RNC/Life:

This was a useful exercise. The Republicans who voted against the Pence Amendment are listed below and should be among those targeted for a primary challenge in the 2010 Congressional election cycle.

If these Members represent you, please remember this vote along with others that do not reflect the values expressed in the Republican National Platform.

We appreciate the Democrats who voted for the amendment and hope this vote is an indication of their opposition to the pro-abortion Obama health care plan.

The roll call vote is available here.

Republicans Voting No on Pence Amendment:

1. Biggert

2. Castle

3. Dent

4. Frelinghuysen

5. Jenkins *

6. Kirk

7. Lance *

8. Upton

9. Walden

Democrats Voting Yes on Pence Amendment:

1. Bordallo

2. Boren

3. Bright *

4. Childers **

5. Costello

6. L. Davis

7. Donnelly

8. Ellsworth

9. Griffith *

10. Lipinski

11. Marshall

12. McIntyre

13. Melancon

14. Mollohan

15. Peterson

16. Rahall

17. Shuler

18. Skelton

19. Taylor

20. Wilson (OH)

* New Member

** New Member since the 2007 vote, but not new to 111th Congress.

Pence: "You Can’t Reduce Abortions By Funding Abortion Providers With Taxpayer Dollars"

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