Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Help Keep Our Pro-Life Planks in the National GOP Platform!

February 27, 2012
If you live in NORTH DAKOTA, SOUTH DAKOTA or UTAH, YOUR help is needed to be sure that the pro-life, pro-family and other conservative planks in the national Republican platform are protected at the National Convention, no matter who the eventual GOP nominee is! Your state elects its national delegates on a Primary Election ballot, and the filing deadline to be on that ballot is approaching.

Here is how you can help secure those platform planks:

  1.  Be elected as a National Delegate representing your state at the National Convention to be held in Tampa, FL August 27 – August 30, 2012.
  1.  Elect someone from your Congressional District as a delegate who supports the same pro-life pro-family candidate that you do and urge that individual to stand firm for those platform planks.
Here are the deadlines, number of delegates and state GOP contact info:
  •  ND (28 delegates) by March 15            701/255-0030
  •  UT (40 delegates) by March 21            801/533-9777
  •  SD (28 delegates) by March 27            605/224-7347

Each state also selects a number of alternates equal to the number of delegates and alternates will be seated if a delegate is absent from the convention floor or unable to attend the convention, so you also may wish to consider asking to be selected as an alternate delegate.  
Please be sure that your state’s National Republican Convention delegates reflect strong pro-life, pro-family values. Time is short so take the appropriate steps NOW! Pro-lifers throughout America are counting on conservative states like yours to protect our Party’s Platform! Please phone Dianne Edmondson at RNC for Life (940/498-2407) with additional questions and please advise Dianne@RNCLife.org if you are running for national delegate or alternate.

For more information please go here.
Thank you.

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